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Please See Calendar Below for Availability 
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What to Expect

We ask you and your group to arrive promptly at 4:00pm on the day you have signed up for.  When you arrive, please parallel park in the street in front of the church.  Please enter through the side door next to the driveway next to the church and (it connects directly to the kitchen).  Depending on what needs to be done, your tasks could include: 

  • Helping to prepare dinner

  • Setting the tables

  • Meeting Interesting People

  • Refilling drinks

  • Having fun

  • Serving meals

  • Washing dishes

  • And much much more!

While the amount of time it takes to serve dinner and clean up varies, volunteers usually leave the kitchen by 6:00pm.

Volunteer Calendar 

Volunteer Testimonials 

  • "Volunteering at Bon Appetit can clearly change your perspective on life for the better because I know it certainly has, and will, for me. Not only do you feel more confident in yourself knowing that you’ve helped someone, you feel powerful, knowing that you changed the community of Biddeford in a positive way"- Emily, Volunteer since 2019

  • "I like the idea of providing food to people [...] food is very basic to life but some people don't have access to it [...] food is where I feel like putting my effort," Lynne, Volunteer since 2017

  • "I never thought I'd get involved for a long time [...] but there's nothing I love better than doing something like [this]"- Annabelle, volunteer since 1990

  • "Volunteering at Bon Appetit has shown me even the smallest of actions can make the biggest differences. By donating just a little bit of your time, you're providing the most vulnerable community members with a meal they otherwise wouldn't have. And you get to see firsthand the impact your contribution is making. If you want a relaxed, friendly environment to help your community, volunteer at Bon Appetit!"- Deanna, Volunteer since 2016

  • "I love volunteering here.  It's a lot of fun and I feel like I'm making a difference,"- Ashlee 

  • " Through volunteering at Bon Appetit, I was given the opportunity to be part of the community, but honestly I don't see it that way.  Instead, I feel like part of a family.  Volunteering here was one of the best decisions  I ever made"- Maddie, Volunteer since 2016

  • "It's nice to be able to give back.  It's a giving back experience,"- Dave, Volunteer since 2017

  • "My favorite thing about this place? Washing pots and pans... And helping people out here," - Dave, Volunteer (and chief pot- washer) since 2014

  • "It feels really great to be able to make such a big difference in just a few hours,"- Alex

  • "It's a pleasure to help people, [...] it's not only a meal but it's a healthy meal that they wouldn't get"- David, Volunteer since 2017

  • "Volunteering here has made me more grateful for things I take for granted,"- Lynn

  • "They're human beings and they deserve to eat and they deserve a safe place to be, and to be served a meal by courteous, pleasant people," -Linda, Volunteer since 1990

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