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Bon Appetit Community Meal Program began with a Christmas dinner put on by members of the community who were concerned for those in need making it through the holidays. The meal was held at the Riverworks restaurant on Main Street in Biddeford in 1989. However, their job didn't end there.  After seeing the needs of the community, these dedicated community members sought to provide even more meals to those in need. Within a year, the attendance almost tripled in size and meals were served 5 days a week. 

In September 1991, the program began looking for a new space. St Andres Parish council graciously offered the former credit union on high street as a temporary home for the kitchen, four years later we moved to the Fremont Club until our numbers out grew the facility. The Second Congregational Church became our new home.


Today we are still renting out space in the Second Congregational Church.  On average, we serve anywhere from 40 to 80 community members in need every weeknight and we have no intention of stopping!  We are dedicated to serving our community and have even figured out how to safely and responsibly provide to- go meals to our community during the COVID-19 outbreak.  

While the demand for our services has grown over the years, so too has the support.  Many local businesses, restaurants, and universities have kindly provided us with perfectly good, yet unused food to use in cooking, as well as our "Giving Table." At our "Giving Table," we offer a variety of items such as produce, toiletries, and breads for people to take as needed. Taking care of our community is at the heart of everything we do.  Just as we have grown in the past, we intend on growing and expanding our great work in the future.

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