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Why We Do What We Do- Quotes from the Community Members We Serve

  • "It's like a big family here.  A big family sitting down to dinner together [...] but you know all are welcome here too.  The more the merrier."- Rebecca 

  • "It helps my faith in humanity go up a few notches every time I come here"- Aaron  

  • "It's good food [...] I like everything they serve here.  There's good helpings.  It's nice.  It's like home."- Mark

  • "When you come here, you know you're gonna eat and you're gonna get a good meal.  The food is good here.  The service is good here.  The volunteers here are good"- Raymond

  • "Theres food and there's community here. And there's a lot of people who connect through their struggling.  Like I can come in and sit with anyone."- Kimberly 

  • "If you're in need, come on down.  There is good people.  There is friendly people.  I can't stress that enough."- Jolene

  • "A lot of people that come here don't have a lot so it means a lot that they care enough to give us this option of getting food"- Joshua 

  • "[Bon Appetit] has helped me through a lot.  [...] Theres a lot of times money has been tight for me and so coming here and at least having one meal a day, it helps a lot. And I've also volunteered here too."-Tatiana 

  • "If this place wasn't here I wouldn't have anything to eat,"- Josh

  • "[Bon Appetit] holds a lot of good memories for me.  I've been coming here for a while.  This place really means a lot" -Jolene

  • "They do a lot of good here.  They help a lot of people.  When you need it, this place can do a lot of good.  They help a lot of people here."- Miles

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